Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mellon Prologue

The tiger sat motionlessly on a rock, watching as the world passed her by. This tiger was nameless.. She was nameless except for the names that she had earned. Names like tyrant. She was marked by the Elves as a cold, unfeeling beast. She was feared by all who lived.
Even the other tigers avoided her. She was alone, and she was friendless. She was known as a killer. Just a common, cold-blooded killer.
One thing that made her reputation among the Elves seem even more legendary was her color. She had pure white fur and orange stripes, unusual for a tiger. None of the Elvin warriors who had gone to challenge this mythical tiger had ever returned alive.
All of the Elves knew that the tiger existed. They had seen her prowling around many times near where they lived. They trembled in fear when the saw her. She was the queen of the forest, and no one had ever been able to take her throne.


  1. Interesting prologue. Hope you keep up with it!

  2. Oh it's already finished, there'll be more to come! I just don't have it typed up yet.

    Thank you for the feedback!