Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #7

Today's lulz is brought to you by....Some random guy who proposes to this girl. Can you guess the outcome? Watch to find out.

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esr_okP5Qmo

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #6

Today's lulz is brought to you once again by Maureen Johnson. And some random New Yorker.
If you were thinking about moving to New York, but weren't sure if you'd survive? Well fear no more! Maureen gets advice from a seasoned New Yorker on how to live for (almost) free! Also, ignore everything about the contest, it's been over. Maureen also shows you some of the sites of New York!

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRUfPTDYspM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #5

Today's lulz is brought to you by The Flintstones! Why, you may ask? What's funny about Flintstones? (Beyond normal, I mean.) Well, advertising for cigarettes, that's what! You may ask right about now, what the heck are you talking about?! This:

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAExoSozc2c&feature=player_embedded

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #4

Today's lulz is brought to you by My Little Pony (and also secretsaucetv).
And you thought they were cute!
"Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
Don't forget to watch the deleted scenes (which you can find at the end of the video). Also, the music video, if you really really really really really really liked the trailer.

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXoYK4b_q24

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #3

Today's lulz is brought to you by Ellen DeGeneres! In this video, Ellen has a Starbucks employee do her bidding. Or, say whatever Ellen tells her too. The problem is, there are some hearing problems on the Starbucks end. Ellen just about dies of merriment right then and there. Just go watch it.

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyefgDtNuaM&feature=PlayList&p=4862E995E312993A&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=2

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #2

You're Daily Dose of lulz #2 is brought to you by Maureen Johnson!

Even if you don't like Maureen Johnson or have no idea who she is, you'll enjoy this video. Somewhat. But probably more if you actually know who she is. But there are some funny parts, like when she talks about the pink jacket and tries to do a book banner voice impersonation. And some other stuff. (If you want to get interested or just want to hear the book banner reading skillz, skip to 5:37 (and 8:27). It's ridiculous and funny.)

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8aLRBhNUmo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily Dose of Lulz #1

Hey all! I'm starting a new thing on this Blog called "Daily Dose of Lulz" where I give you the most Lulz worthy thing I've seen today. So, today's lulz goes to Taylor Swift with her song Thug Story, done with T-Pain.

Taylor Swift is so gangsta yo!

Video here: http://www.cmt.com/videos/misc/401599/thug-story.jhtml


Monday, June 15, 2009


Alright, I have much to say on this topic, and basically I'm just going to copy the comments I made on Maureen's YouTube video.
So, two mom's in Florida want Maureen's book, The Bermudaz Triagle, moved to the Adult section. Well, from what I've heard from the news, it seems one of the mother's let their 12 year-old pick out some books from the YA section. Do you all know what YA means? Young-Adult. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't consider a 12 year-old a young adult. I also say that if you don't know what your kid is reading, if you really care, check to make sure the book is okay BEFORE they start reading it.
Here is Maureen's video explaining the situation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8aLRBhNUmo&yt
Her Twitter is www.twitter.com/maureenjohnson

What do you think? Is it an overreaction from the mom's, or do you think the books should be moved? COMMENTS PLEASE, what do you think about all of it?

My comments on Maureen's video (copied):
*Watching Fox video now.* Um, your child should know about sex by their teen years. And in all my years at getting random books from my YA section at the library, I don't think I've ever run across anything really bad (actually there was one....when I was a bit younger....I don't remember much about it). Anyway, libraries KNOW what belongs where. They're good at their job.

If you don't want your kids reading bad books, then check what they read before they read them if you don't know what it is.

I'm sorry, but do you know what YA stands for? YOUNG-ADULT. That's what it means moms. Meaning, NOT 12 year olds. (Side note-they just said Youth section on the Fox news thing. It doesn't stand for YOUTH. That is not what the Y in YA stands for.) I'd think that Young Adult mean, well, at least teenagers, probably high schoolers. It's not the youth section. 12 year olds, go read Lemony Snicket.

"Anywhere a 12 year-old frequents." Frankly, I don't think 12 year-olds should frequent the Young-Adult section.

(I made some other comments, but they aren't that important)

Bloody Roses Synopsis

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now I'm dead and gone
Please uncover the truth

Maureen and Bailey are twin sisters who have an uncanny ability to predict each others actions. It's almost like they have a telepathic connection to each other. Well, they do. The only problem is that Bailey is dead. Everybody knows it was her betrothed, Jaden. Except, that's not true. Bailey committed suicide, and Maureen knows it. She knew it before Bailey died, and she is reminded now. Maureen must convince everyone that Jaden is innocent and get him freed from prison. To do so, she must reveal her and Bailey's gift, and hope everyone doesn't think she's crazy for hearing a voice in her head. But apparently she isn't the only one. Hailey shows up, a third voice which Maureen and Baily had sworn they had heard sometimes. Who is the mystery wild card, and why does she share Maureen and Bailey's gift?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 8 (End)

The Elf has not thought about it before, but now a question came to her mind. What was she going to tell everyone? The tiger was still alive, but no one would believe her if she said that it meant no harm. She decided to put these thoughts out of her mind for now, and enjoy the walk home. She realized that she was walking through the forest for the first time without fear. She was walking with they very thing that was the terror of the forest, and yet she felt no fear.
After a short time of walking, the tiger and Elf had reached their destination. The place where the Elves lived together lay just ahead. The tiger stopped. She knew it was not safe for her to travel any further. The Elf knew this as well, She told the tiger to wait and hoped she understood, then walked into the small settlement. She was greeted by everyone.. They all wanted to know what had happened.
The warrior would answer no questions. She simply kept walking until she came to the tree in which she lived. Many of the Elves lived in the trees.. They built platforms in the branches and used furs and leaves to make coverings. Some of the braver Elves lived on the ground.
When the Elf came to her tree house, she climbed the rope ladder that served as stairs. She went inside and then came out carrying a small package. Amongst glances of bewilderment and a few more questions form the other Elves, she walked off into the forest, saying that she would be back.
There was the tiger, waiting. The Elf opened the package to reveal a beautiful necklace. She took it and placed it around the tiger's neck. Then she spoke. “Mellon” was all she said. The tiger understood. Mellon was the Elvin word for friend. The Elf was giving her a name.
It was a real name, not just a slanderous name like best. No, this was a name that meant so much to the tiger. It was something that meant that she had finally broken the ties between Elves and tigers. The tiger and the Elf were starting something today. It was something that would last forever, It was a special bond. A bond between tigers and Elves. It was a friendship. A great friendship that could never be broken. A friendship that the Elvin warrior and the tiger would keep forever.
The tiger was not a killer. The Elf knew this now. Even though no one else would ever believe her, she was content to keep the secret to herself. Throughout the years the tiger and the Elf kept meeting in secret. The tiger taught the Elf the secrets of her cave. She asked nothing in return but the friendship of the Elf.
Finally, after searching all her life for something that she had wanted so much, the tiger was content. She had a true friend. A true friend was all that she had wanted. She hadn't wanted to be a feared creature of death. She had just wanted a friend, and now that she had one, she was finally content and happy.

Mellon Chapter 7

Back in the main cave, the tiger had woken up. She stood up and stretched. Then she realized that the Elf was nowhere around. The big cat sniffed the air, finding the scent of the Elf. Then she followed it. She soon came upon the Elf in the library. The Elf continued to read, not noticing that the tiger had discovered her.
The tiger walked slowly toward the Elf. When she was standing right behind the Elf, the tiger let out a slight growl. The Elf whirled around, startled by the noise. She had not known that the tiger was there. The tiger walked over to the book and put her huge paw on it, leaving a mark in the dust. The Elf wondered what the tiger was doing. Suddenly what she had been reading came back to her, and everything made sense.
The tiger did not want to fight. She only wanted peace. The peace that had once been. The peace between Elves and tigers. Most of all, other than peace, the tiger just wanted a friend. She wasn't a killer. She was just misunderstood. The only thing that the tiger had ever wanted was a friend. Not just another tiger, but an Elf. That was the longing in the tiger's eyes. The longing for a friend that she could share the secrets of her cave with. Someone who would understand.
The Elf now understood. She lightly rubbed the tigers head. The tiger looked up into the Elf's eyes, and now, finally, her eyes looked happy. She knew that the Elf understood. The Elf looked back into the tigers eyes. They no longer had the longing look that she had seen earlier. They now looked full of joy and life.
Now the tiger began to walk away. The Elf followed. They came out of the tunnel into the room with the pool in it. The tiger turned down the second passage that the Elf had seen earlier. They began to walk slowly down the tunnel. This one had the same blue hue as the bigger cave, but the light began to fade slowly as they walked further. It soon became too dark for the Elf to see. The tiger did just as she had done earlier. She walked over next to the Elf and she took hold of her fur. Then they walked on.
All of a sudden the Elf found herself in a big cave. The top was open, and sunlight streamed in. The tiger and Elf had turned a corner and then found themselves here. The tiger of course knew what was coming, but the Elf had been unsure what to expect. She felt the warmth of the sun on her skin. It felt so wonderful after being in the cave.
The tiger began to climb. The Elf noticed that the walls were slanted, making it fairly easy to climb out. She followed the tiger and soon found herself at the top. She was now standing on a high cliff. She could see for miles from up here. The view was spectacular. It was like nothing that the Elf had ever seen before.
The tiger began to make her way down the cliffside. The Elf followed. She found that it was not very steep and the going was easy. When they got to the bottom, the Elf finally realized where she was. They had ended up near the mouth of the cave that they had gone into the day before. She knew how to get home from here. The tiger knew how to get there too, She began to walk off in the direction of the Elfin village. The Elf followed, coming up beside the tiger. She wondered what would happen when she returned home.

Mellon Chapter 6

As she was being stroked, the tiger began to purr contentedly. At first the warrior thought that the tiger was growling at her, but she soon learned that this was not the case. The tiger was still as she felt the gentle touch of the Elf.
Soon the tiger found herself falling asleep. The hand moving slowly over her back felt so indescribable. She had never experienced anything that was as wonderful as this felt. Nothing in all of the wonders of her cave compared to this feeling that she had right now.
The Elf saw the tiger's eyes beginning to droop. When she thought that the tiger was asleep, she slowly got up. She decided to go exploring. She took one last look at the tiger to make sure that she was sleeping, and then walked off down a passageway deeper into the cave.
She had walked for only a few minutes when she came to a pool of water. She walked towards it, wondering if the water was safe. Here, in this strange cave, nothing seemed certain. Everything seemed magical and unreal. She bent down and took some water into her hands. Then, cautiously, she took a small drink. The water tasted cool and refreshing. It was the most delicious water the Elf had ever tasted. She drank some more, quenching her thirst.
After she had drank her fill, she stood up. She looked around to see where she should go next. She saw two tunnels branching off to the right. She decided to take one of them and see where it led. She knew that she should not go too far so that she would not get lost.
As she made her way down the passageway, the blue light began to change. The color was no longer blue, but a greenish color. The Elf wondered why. This cave, with its wonder and mystery, intrigued her. All of the secrets that it might hold made her want to explore everywhere and learn everything about it.
She pondered these things as she walked slowly down the strangely green lit passage. Finally the tunnel came to an end. At the end was a room. The room was filled with shelves upon shelves of countless books and scrolls. She had never seen anything like it.
In the middle of the room was one single small round table. On the table sat a few books and some old scrolls, Near the table sat a dusty old chair that looked too unsteady to support anything. The Elf thought that this must be an old library. Very old, form the look of things. There was dust everywhere. She wondered what a library was doing down in this cave anyway.
The Elf walked over to the table and looked at one of the books that was lying open. It was completely covered in dust, just like everything else. She blew on it to try and remove some of the grime and dirt. She then attempted to read some of the words. After a few moments, she realized hat this was a history book. It told of a time when the Elves once lived in peace with all living creatures. They were even friends with the tigers, who were now the Elves worst enemies.

Mellon Chapter 5

The tiger had been expecting the fall. She knew this cave very well. She had lived in it for years. This cave held many secrets which no one but her had ever found out. The warrior, though, was about to find out some of those secrets.
As Elf and tiger fell, the Elf felt a deep sense of fear. The plunge was so unexpected that the warrior could not even scream. She just kept falling, terrified as to what would happen. She had thought that the tiger would not harm her. Yet here she was, falling to what would surely be her death.
Suddenly she hit the bottom. The tiger landed not far away. The Elf was unharmed. She looked around her, still in shock after the fall, and at not being dead. She looked around. She had landed on something very soft. She looked to see what it was. It was grass. The grass was very tall, and it was the greenest grass she had ever seen. It also had a sweet smell to it.
Then the Elf realized that she could actually see. The rocks around her were glowing with a bluish hue. She had never seen anything like it before. This place she was in seemed magical, with the grass and the rocks. This place seemed almost sacred.
The tiger walked over to see that the Elf was alright, The Elf had forgotten her injuries for a moment as she marveled at this strange yet wonderful cave. She suddenly felt tired. Her cuts were beginning to hurt again. She felt the soft grass under her and how wonderful it was. She took one last look at the tiger, then she she could stay awake no longer.
When she awoke, she couldn't remember where she was. Then she sat up and looked around. It all came back to her in a flash. She looked around again for the tiger. She was nowhere to be seen. The Elf decided to have a look around. She stood up slowly, feeling a small amount of pain, but nothing that would hinder her. The pain had died down since the day before, and now the warrior felt ready for anything.
She took a look at her surroundings again. She decided that she would look at the strange rocks first. She walked over to the wall. It wasn't the rocks that glowed, but the wall itself. The warrior touched it. It felt cool, and it made her have a sense of great calm. The warrior felt at peace. She felt like nothing mattered and that she could just stay here forever.
She was suddenly thrown out of her thoughts by a noise from behind her. She turned around to see that it was only the tiger. She had returned with food for the Elf. It was a basket of apples which the tiger had actually stolen from some other Elves. She hadn't harmed them, of course, only scared them.
The Elf came over and took an apple gratefully. She ate, thankful for some food after not having eaten anything in hours. When she had finished, she looked to the tiger. The tiger gave her the same look that she had the night before. It was a look of longing, but the warrior could not figure out what it was that the tiger wanted.
The tiger moved her gaze and then came closer to the Elf. She watched the tiger's movement. The tiger circled around the warrior. Then the tiger laid down next to the Elf. She turned her head around and began to gently lick the warrior's hand. She did not understand right away, but when the tiger persisted, she finally got the hint. The tiger wanted to be petted. So, the Elf slowly stroked the tiger, who just laid still and seemed to finally be content.

Mellon Chapter 4

The tiger continued to look into the warriors eyes for a few minutes. Then she moved her eyes to the warrior's wounds, surveying what damage the male tiger had done. The Elf did not have any armor on, The wounds had met only a small amount of cloth before striking flesh. The male tiger had not had time, however, to dig his claws very deep. The female tiger had knocked him off before he had a chance to do too much damage.
The Elf felt the pain in her back. Although the wounds were not very severe, they still hurt terribly. She knew she would have to get up soon. The sky had turned a dark gray, and it looked like there was a big storm coming. The warrior knew that it was too far to go home. She would have to find her own shelter.
She tried to get up. As she slowly got to her feet, she suddenly felt faint. As she was about to fall, the tiger rushed over an caught her. The injured warrior looked at the tiger and smiled gratefully. Then she tried to stand up again. She managed to get on her feet this time, although she was still a bit wobbly. She picked up her sword, leaning on it a little for support.
Then she sheathed her sword and looked around, trying to fin d a safe shelter. There were many trees around, but they would not offer much protection. The tiger had seen the sky too. She knew that she and the Elf needed to get out of the rain that would soon come. She looked up at the Elf and growled softly.
She looked down at the tiger. As if in reply the tiger moved a few feet forward. Then she looked back at the Elf, meaning for her to follow. The Elf hesitated, but a roll of thunder in the distance made her realize that she didn't have much choice. The tiger knew the forest better and would know where to find shelter.
The Elf followed slowly after the tiger, hurting from her wounds but knowing that she had to keep going. The journey did not last long. Soon the tiger had brought the Elf to a cave. The cave was big, and it offered shelter from the rain and wind.
The Elf was led into the cave. The tiger did not stop near the entrance but kept going and wanted the Elf to follow. The Elf was not sure why, and she was still not sure whether or not to trust this tiger, but she followed anyway.
Soon the cave became too dark for the Elf to see. She stopped. The tiger turned around and walked back to the warrior. Then she want and stood beside the Elf. The tiger moved so that the Elf's hand was near her neck.
The Elf wondered what the tiger was doing. It took her a moment to realize what she was supposed to do. The tiger wanted the Elf to take hold of her fur so that she could guide her through the cave. The Elf decided to take another risk. She took hold of some of the tiger's fur. Then the big cat began to walk again.
The Elf was quickly running out of strength. Just as she thought she could not go on any longer, the tiger stopped. The cave was pitch black, and the warrior could not hear the storm outside, although she felt a small draft of wind.
The tiger walked forward a couple more steps. The Elf walked with the tiger, still holding her fur. The tiger walked slower now then she had before. As the Elf wondered why, she suddenly felt herself falling. She let go of the tiger as they both plummeted down into the depths.

Mellon Chapter 3

The warrior had her back turned to the male tiger. As she turned her head around to look, the male tiger jumped onto her back, digging his claws in. As the warrior fell, the tiger gave a triumphant roar.
The female tiger watched in horror as the warrior came down. Then she smashed into the male tiger, knocking him off of the Elf. She followed her first attack by jumping on top of him and pining him to the ground again. The male tiger struggled free and pushed the female tiger off.
The female tiger quickly regained her feet. Then both tigers stood and face each other. The female tiger was seething with rage. The male tiger was confused. The female gave a roar, warning the male tiger once again to leave her and the Elf alone. The male tiger did not want to fight this tiger that he had wanted so much for his mate. He took one last look at the other tiger and then ran off into the forest.
The female tiger watched as the male tiger ran out of sight. Then she turned to look at the warrior. The Elf had deep gashes in her back. The tiger walked slowly toward the Elf. The warrior struggled to get up, but fell back to the ground. She looked at the tiger, wondering what her fate would be.
The big cat walked slowly toward the injured Elf. They locked eyes. The Elf was afraid, but did not show it. The tiger knew that the warrior was afraid. She could feel her fear. She could sense the fear, but at the same time she could sense wonder.
The Elf did not know what would happen to her. She was afraid, but she felt that she shouldn't be. The tiger had seemed unwilling to fight, but at the same time unwilling to die. This did not seem like the tiger that she had heard so many tales of. No, this tiger seemed much, much different.
The elf sensed that there was something hiding within the tiger. Something that no one had ever bothered to look for. Something deep inside that was just waiting to get out. Something that the tiger wanted. It was a longing. A longing deep inside for something that no one wanted to give.
The tiger was now standing in front of the warrior. They looked into each others eyes once again. This time it was not in hostility. The tiger looked at the warrior with eyes that seemed sad and full of trouble. The tiger looked at the warrior with eyes that had not the light of battle, but the longing of one who has searched but cannot find. The tiger looked at her with pleading eyes. Eyes that had seen more battles then the tiger wished to remember, and battles that she had not even wanted to fight.
The Elf looked back at the tiger. Her eyes were questioning. As she looked at this tiger, and the look that she gave, the warrior wondered what this tiger wanted. Was it just chance that she was alive and had been unharmed by this beast? So many warriors had perished trying to defeat this foe, and yet here she was, staring into the very eyes of the tiger that was hated by so many.
The Elf's mind raced as question after question rolled over in her mind. One thing she knew, however, was that this tiger was no a vicious beast. She was not dead, and this tiger did not seem eager to kill her. She was determined to try to find out what the longing as in the tigers eyes.

Mellon Chapter 2

The tiger was taken aback. This was no male warrior! This Elf was a female! All of the Elven foes that the tiger had met had been male. The tiger knew that female Elves were weak. Never had a girl dared to show her face near the tiger. They were all scared weaklings.
As the Elf stepped through the brush, Elf and tiger looked into each others eyes. The tiger had never seen an Elf so beautiful. She had long blond hair, and deep silver-blue eyes. Her eyes reminded the tiger of the moon on many of the clear nights that she had spent alone.
All hopes of a challenging foe vanished in the tigers mind. How could she even think of harming such a beautiful creature?
The tiger was suddenly thrown out of her thoughts by a battle cry from the warrior. Momentarily distracted, the tiger had let her guard down. She was nearly given a fatal blow by a sword that the Elf carried. She barely had time to doge out of the way before her opponent was back again.
The warrior tried to strike another blow, but the tiger was too quick. The tiger was becoming worried. Even though she did not wish to kill this Elf, as she easily could, she knew she must do something to defend herself from the attacks.
The big cat made a swipe toward her attacker, hoping it might scare her. The warrior only moved back a few paces to avoid the blow, then tried another attack on the tiger. The tiger jumped back, avoiding the blow. She wondered how long this could go on.
Suddenly a male tiger jumped out from behind a bush. Both Elf and female tiger were momentarily distracted from their battle. The male tiger had arrived very unexpectedly.
This particular male tiger was out courting. He had seen the strange looking tiger, and had been instantly drawn to her. As he had come closer, the warrior had appeared. The female tiger had seemed to need help, so he decided to show himself. He was determined to save this strange colored tiger and become her hero.
These thoughts were of course stupid. The female tiger could take care of herself. She had chosen not to fight this Elf. As soon as the male tiger appeared, he lunged toward the Elvin warrior. Just as quickly, the female tiger bounded toward the male tiger and knocked him away.
The blow stunned the male tiger. He had expected the battle to be quick and easy. Now what he had hoped would be his mate had apparently turned against him. The female tiger was now trying to stay clear of the warrior who was still trying to kill her. The male tiger decided to try again.
He tried to sneak up behind the Elf, but as he was about to strike, the female tiger quickly avoided a blow from the warrior and lunged toward the male tiger again. This time she pinned him down. She bared her teeth in his face, giving him a warning to stay away from her and the Elvish warrior.
The female tiger stepped off of the male tiger. He got up and walked off into the trees. Just then, the warrior snuck up behind the female tiger. As the tiger turned around, the Elf held the sword over her head, ready to slam it down on the tiger. The tiger just barely managed to roll out of the way. Suddenly there was a fierce roar, and the male tiger bounded back into the clearing, heading straight for the warrior.

Mellon Chapter 1

The tiger stalked silently through the forest that was her home. As she moved under the trees, she suddenly stopped and lifted her head. She smelled the air, searching the breeze for the scent of her prey. She quickly found it and moved on.
Soon the tiger was very near to what she had been hunting. It was just beyond a small bush that the tiger could easily clear. She could not see it, but she knew it was there
The big cat tensed her muscles. Then she leaped over the bush. There, on the other side, was a young stallion.
The stallion was part of a heard that belonged to the Elves. The Elves let the horses run free. They used them only for riding, and even though they were somewhat wild, the Elves still kept a special bond with them.
The heard had been grazing nearby when the tiger attacked, but as soon as the surprised stallion cried out, they took off. The tiger made a short end to the young horse..
Then she looked up to see if there was anything else around that was near enough to catch. There wasn't, so the tiger dragged her prey off into the forest. She found a patch of dry leaves that she laid on to enjoy her meal.
After the food, the tiger felt tired. The leaves felt warm and comfortable. She lay down on her side and was soon asleep.
Later she was suddenly awakened. Her keen ears had picked up a small sound not far away. The tiger instantly knew what it was. It was an Elf.
The tiger stood up and stretched, weary from the weak challengers that dared to oppose her. Many, if not all, of the Elves that the tiger had had to fight were weak.. Many were headstrong young boys who were trying to show bravery. They wanted love, or power, or dozens of other things, but all they found was death.
The big cat stretched her muscles, hoping that by some change this new intruder would pose at least a small threat. The tiger heard the Elf coming closer. She put her head up and sniffed the air. The warrior was close now.
The Elf kept walking until the only thing now between them was a thick line of trees. The tiger tensed her muscles, ready for anything. Then the warrior stepped into view.