Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 6

As she was being stroked, the tiger began to purr contentedly. At first the warrior thought that the tiger was growling at her, but she soon learned that this was not the case. The tiger was still as she felt the gentle touch of the Elf.
Soon the tiger found herself falling asleep. The hand moving slowly over her back felt so indescribable. She had never experienced anything that was as wonderful as this felt. Nothing in all of the wonders of her cave compared to this feeling that she had right now.
The Elf saw the tiger's eyes beginning to droop. When she thought that the tiger was asleep, she slowly got up. She decided to go exploring. She took one last look at the tiger to make sure that she was sleeping, and then walked off down a passageway deeper into the cave.
She had walked for only a few minutes when she came to a pool of water. She walked towards it, wondering if the water was safe. Here, in this strange cave, nothing seemed certain. Everything seemed magical and unreal. She bent down and took some water into her hands. Then, cautiously, she took a small drink. The water tasted cool and refreshing. It was the most delicious water the Elf had ever tasted. She drank some more, quenching her thirst.
After she had drank her fill, she stood up. She looked around to see where she should go next. She saw two tunnels branching off to the right. She decided to take one of them and see where it led. She knew that she should not go too far so that she would not get lost.
As she made her way down the passageway, the blue light began to change. The color was no longer blue, but a greenish color. The Elf wondered why. This cave, with its wonder and mystery, intrigued her. All of the secrets that it might hold made her want to explore everywhere and learn everything about it.
She pondered these things as she walked slowly down the strangely green lit passage. Finally the tunnel came to an end. At the end was a room. The room was filled with shelves upon shelves of countless books and scrolls. She had never seen anything like it.
In the middle of the room was one single small round table. On the table sat a few books and some old scrolls, Near the table sat a dusty old chair that looked too unsteady to support anything. The Elf thought that this must be an old library. Very old, form the look of things. There was dust everywhere. She wondered what a library was doing down in this cave anyway.
The Elf walked over to the table and looked at one of the books that was lying open. It was completely covered in dust, just like everything else. She blew on it to try and remove some of the grime and dirt. She then attempted to read some of the words. After a few moments, she realized hat this was a history book. It told of a time when the Elves once lived in peace with all living creatures. They were even friends with the tigers, who were now the Elves worst enemies.

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