Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 1

The tiger stalked silently through the forest that was her home. As she moved under the trees, she suddenly stopped and lifted her head. She smelled the air, searching the breeze for the scent of her prey. She quickly found it and moved on.
Soon the tiger was very near to what she had been hunting. It was just beyond a small bush that the tiger could easily clear. She could not see it, but she knew it was there
The big cat tensed her muscles. Then she leaped over the bush. There, on the other side, was a young stallion.
The stallion was part of a heard that belonged to the Elves. The Elves let the horses run free. They used them only for riding, and even though they were somewhat wild, the Elves still kept a special bond with them.
The heard had been grazing nearby when the tiger attacked, but as soon as the surprised stallion cried out, they took off. The tiger made a short end to the young horse..
Then she looked up to see if there was anything else around that was near enough to catch. There wasn't, so the tiger dragged her prey off into the forest. She found a patch of dry leaves that she laid on to enjoy her meal.
After the food, the tiger felt tired. The leaves felt warm and comfortable. She lay down on her side and was soon asleep.
Later she was suddenly awakened. Her keen ears had picked up a small sound not far away. The tiger instantly knew what it was. It was an Elf.
The tiger stood up and stretched, weary from the weak challengers that dared to oppose her. Many, if not all, of the Elves that the tiger had had to fight were weak.. Many were headstrong young boys who were trying to show bravery. They wanted love, or power, or dozens of other things, but all they found was death.
The big cat stretched her muscles, hoping that by some change this new intruder would pose at least a small threat. The tiger heard the Elf coming closer. She put her head up and sniffed the air. The warrior was close now.
The Elf kept walking until the only thing now between them was a thick line of trees. The tiger tensed her muscles, ready for anything. Then the warrior stepped into view.

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