Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 4

The tiger continued to look into the warriors eyes for a few minutes. Then she moved her eyes to the warrior's wounds, surveying what damage the male tiger had done. The Elf did not have any armor on, The wounds had met only a small amount of cloth before striking flesh. The male tiger had not had time, however, to dig his claws very deep. The female tiger had knocked him off before he had a chance to do too much damage.
The Elf felt the pain in her back. Although the wounds were not very severe, they still hurt terribly. She knew she would have to get up soon. The sky had turned a dark gray, and it looked like there was a big storm coming. The warrior knew that it was too far to go home. She would have to find her own shelter.
She tried to get up. As she slowly got to her feet, she suddenly felt faint. As she was about to fall, the tiger rushed over an caught her. The injured warrior looked at the tiger and smiled gratefully. Then she tried to stand up again. She managed to get on her feet this time, although she was still a bit wobbly. She picked up her sword, leaning on it a little for support.
Then she sheathed her sword and looked around, trying to fin d a safe shelter. There were many trees around, but they would not offer much protection. The tiger had seen the sky too. She knew that she and the Elf needed to get out of the rain that would soon come. She looked up at the Elf and growled softly.
She looked down at the tiger. As if in reply the tiger moved a few feet forward. Then she looked back at the Elf, meaning for her to follow. The Elf hesitated, but a roll of thunder in the distance made her realize that she didn't have much choice. The tiger knew the forest better and would know where to find shelter.
The Elf followed slowly after the tiger, hurting from her wounds but knowing that she had to keep going. The journey did not last long. Soon the tiger had brought the Elf to a cave. The cave was big, and it offered shelter from the rain and wind.
The Elf was led into the cave. The tiger did not stop near the entrance but kept going and wanted the Elf to follow. The Elf was not sure why, and she was still not sure whether or not to trust this tiger, but she followed anyway.
Soon the cave became too dark for the Elf to see. She stopped. The tiger turned around and walked back to the warrior. Then she want and stood beside the Elf. The tiger moved so that the Elf's hand was near her neck.
The Elf wondered what the tiger was doing. It took her a moment to realize what she was supposed to do. The tiger wanted the Elf to take hold of her fur so that she could guide her through the cave. The Elf decided to take another risk. She took hold of some of the tiger's fur. Then the big cat began to walk again.
The Elf was quickly running out of strength. Just as she thought she could not go on any longer, the tiger stopped. The cave was pitch black, and the warrior could not hear the storm outside, although she felt a small draft of wind.
The tiger walked forward a couple more steps. The Elf walked with the tiger, still holding her fur. The tiger walked slower now then she had before. As the Elf wondered why, she suddenly felt herself falling. She let go of the tiger as they both plummeted down into the depths.

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