Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 2

The tiger was taken aback. This was no male warrior! This Elf was a female! All of the Elven foes that the tiger had met had been male. The tiger knew that female Elves were weak. Never had a girl dared to show her face near the tiger. They were all scared weaklings.
As the Elf stepped through the brush, Elf and tiger looked into each others eyes. The tiger had never seen an Elf so beautiful. She had long blond hair, and deep silver-blue eyes. Her eyes reminded the tiger of the moon on many of the clear nights that she had spent alone.
All hopes of a challenging foe vanished in the tigers mind. How could she even think of harming such a beautiful creature?
The tiger was suddenly thrown out of her thoughts by a battle cry from the warrior. Momentarily distracted, the tiger had let her guard down. She was nearly given a fatal blow by a sword that the Elf carried. She barely had time to doge out of the way before her opponent was back again.
The warrior tried to strike another blow, but the tiger was too quick. The tiger was becoming worried. Even though she did not wish to kill this Elf, as she easily could, she knew she must do something to defend herself from the attacks.
The big cat made a swipe toward her attacker, hoping it might scare her. The warrior only moved back a few paces to avoid the blow, then tried another attack on the tiger. The tiger jumped back, avoiding the blow. She wondered how long this could go on.
Suddenly a male tiger jumped out from behind a bush. Both Elf and female tiger were momentarily distracted from their battle. The male tiger had arrived very unexpectedly.
This particular male tiger was out courting. He had seen the strange looking tiger, and had been instantly drawn to her. As he had come closer, the warrior had appeared. The female tiger had seemed to need help, so he decided to show himself. He was determined to save this strange colored tiger and become her hero.
These thoughts were of course stupid. The female tiger could take care of herself. She had chosen not to fight this Elf. As soon as the male tiger appeared, he lunged toward the Elvin warrior. Just as quickly, the female tiger bounded toward the male tiger and knocked him away.
The blow stunned the male tiger. He had expected the battle to be quick and easy. Now what he had hoped would be his mate had apparently turned against him. The female tiger was now trying to stay clear of the warrior who was still trying to kill her. The male tiger decided to try again.
He tried to sneak up behind the Elf, but as he was about to strike, the female tiger quickly avoided a blow from the warrior and lunged toward the male tiger again. This time she pinned him down. She bared her teeth in his face, giving him a warning to stay away from her and the Elvish warrior.
The female tiger stepped off of the male tiger. He got up and walked off into the trees. Just then, the warrior snuck up behind the female tiger. As the tiger turned around, the Elf held the sword over her head, ready to slam it down on the tiger. The tiger just barely managed to roll out of the way. Suddenly there was a fierce roar, and the male tiger bounded back into the clearing, heading straight for the warrior.

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