Monday, June 15, 2009


Alright, I have much to say on this topic, and basically I'm just going to copy the comments I made on Maureen's YouTube video.
So, two mom's in Florida want Maureen's book, The Bermudaz Triagle, moved to the Adult section. Well, from what I've heard from the news, it seems one of the mother's let their 12 year-old pick out some books from the YA section. Do you all know what YA means? Young-Adult. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't consider a 12 year-old a young adult. I also say that if you don't know what your kid is reading, if you really care, check to make sure the book is okay BEFORE they start reading it.
Here is Maureen's video explaining the situation:
Her Twitter is

What do you think? Is it an overreaction from the mom's, or do you think the books should be moved? COMMENTS PLEASE, what do you think about all of it?

My comments on Maureen's video (copied):
*Watching Fox video now.* Um, your child should know about sex by their teen years. And in all my years at getting random books from my YA section at the library, I don't think I've ever run across anything really bad (actually there was one....when I was a bit younger....I don't remember much about it). Anyway, libraries KNOW what belongs where. They're good at their job.

If you don't want your kids reading bad books, then check what they read before they read them if you don't know what it is.

I'm sorry, but do you know what YA stands for? YOUNG-ADULT. That's what it means moms. Meaning, NOT 12 year olds. (Side note-they just said Youth section on the Fox news thing. It doesn't stand for YOUTH. That is not what the Y in YA stands for.) I'd think that Young Adult mean, well, at least teenagers, probably high schoolers. It's not the youth section. 12 year olds, go read Lemony Snicket.

"Anywhere a 12 year-old frequents." Frankly, I don't think 12 year-olds should frequent the Young-Adult section.

(I made some other comments, but they aren't that important)


  1. Just finished watching Maureen's video and totally agree!

    Although YA reading does start about age 12...that's when middle school starts here and we were reading YA and adult books in middle school. Seriously I was reading VCAndrews and Dean Koontz by middle school.

    HOWEVER, it is up to the parent to choose whether or not they want to police their child's reading. I do not find Maureen's writing at all inappropriate even for a middle school reader, and frankly children are exposed to a LOT MORE at that age than some parents realize.

    Taking away books that give people strength, insight & the feeling that other people can relate to them is the answer. Perhaps those mothers should try talking to their children and then letting letting them make their own informed choices.

  2. DOH! In last paragraph I meant to say *is NOT the answer.*

  3. Ya, didn't I post up there to watch what your child reads if you are concerned?
    Don't blame the library staff. They know what they are doing.
    Watch what your kids read if you care what they read. It's simple.

  4. Exactly! Well said.

  5. that mom is being ridiculous. sounds like an attention seeker to me.

    i'm the odd mom out, i don't usually censor too much of what my kids read or listen to at the ages they are now (tweens/teen). i'm sure i'll be called a bad mom haha but seriously, don't act like it's anyone else's fault but your own if your child is picking out/reading books that you deem inappropriate. like duh, right? like they always say, 'it starts at home.'