Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 3

The warrior had her back turned to the male tiger. As she turned her head around to look, the male tiger jumped onto her back, digging his claws in. As the warrior fell, the tiger gave a triumphant roar.
The female tiger watched in horror as the warrior came down. Then she smashed into the male tiger, knocking him off of the Elf. She followed her first attack by jumping on top of him and pining him to the ground again. The male tiger struggled free and pushed the female tiger off.
The female tiger quickly regained her feet. Then both tigers stood and face each other. The female tiger was seething with rage. The male tiger was confused. The female gave a roar, warning the male tiger once again to leave her and the Elf alone. The male tiger did not want to fight this tiger that he had wanted so much for his mate. He took one last look at the other tiger and then ran off into the forest.
The female tiger watched as the male tiger ran out of sight. Then she turned to look at the warrior. The Elf had deep gashes in her back. The tiger walked slowly toward the Elf. The warrior struggled to get up, but fell back to the ground. She looked at the tiger, wondering what her fate would be.
The big cat walked slowly toward the injured Elf. They locked eyes. The Elf was afraid, but did not show it. The tiger knew that the warrior was afraid. She could feel her fear. She could sense the fear, but at the same time she could sense wonder.
The Elf did not know what would happen to her. She was afraid, but she felt that she shouldn't be. The tiger had seemed unwilling to fight, but at the same time unwilling to die. This did not seem like the tiger that she had heard so many tales of. No, this tiger seemed much, much different.
The elf sensed that there was something hiding within the tiger. Something that no one had ever bothered to look for. Something deep inside that was just waiting to get out. Something that the tiger wanted. It was a longing. A longing deep inside for something that no one wanted to give.
The tiger was now standing in front of the warrior. They looked into each others eyes once again. This time it was not in hostility. The tiger looked at the warrior with eyes that seemed sad and full of trouble. The tiger looked at the warrior with eyes that had not the light of battle, but the longing of one who has searched but cannot find. The tiger looked at her with pleading eyes. Eyes that had seen more battles then the tiger wished to remember, and battles that she had not even wanted to fight.
The Elf looked back at the tiger. Her eyes were questioning. As she looked at this tiger, and the look that she gave, the warrior wondered what this tiger wanted. Was it just chance that she was alive and had been unharmed by this beast? So many warriors had perished trying to defeat this foe, and yet here she was, staring into the very eyes of the tiger that was hated by so many.
The Elf's mind raced as question after question rolled over in her mind. One thing she knew, however, was that this tiger was no a vicious beast. She was not dead, and this tiger did not seem eager to kill her. She was determined to try to find out what the longing as in the tigers eyes.

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