Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 8 (End)

The Elf has not thought about it before, but now a question came to her mind. What was she going to tell everyone? The tiger was still alive, but no one would believe her if she said that it meant no harm. She decided to put these thoughts out of her mind for now, and enjoy the walk home. She realized that she was walking through the forest for the first time without fear. She was walking with they very thing that was the terror of the forest, and yet she felt no fear.
After a short time of walking, the tiger and Elf had reached their destination. The place where the Elves lived together lay just ahead. The tiger stopped. She knew it was not safe for her to travel any further. The Elf knew this as well, She told the tiger to wait and hoped she understood, then walked into the small settlement. She was greeted by everyone.. They all wanted to know what had happened.
The warrior would answer no questions. She simply kept walking until she came to the tree in which she lived. Many of the Elves lived in the trees.. They built platforms in the branches and used furs and leaves to make coverings. Some of the braver Elves lived on the ground.
When the Elf came to her tree house, she climbed the rope ladder that served as stairs. She went inside and then came out carrying a small package. Amongst glances of bewilderment and a few more questions form the other Elves, she walked off into the forest, saying that she would be back.
There was the tiger, waiting. The Elf opened the package to reveal a beautiful necklace. She took it and placed it around the tiger's neck. Then she spoke. “Mellon” was all she said. The tiger understood. Mellon was the Elvin word for friend. The Elf was giving her a name.
It was a real name, not just a slanderous name like best. No, this was a name that meant so much to the tiger. It was something that meant that she had finally broken the ties between Elves and tigers. The tiger and the Elf were starting something today. It was something that would last forever, It was a special bond. A bond between tigers and Elves. It was a friendship. A great friendship that could never be broken. A friendship that the Elvin warrior and the tiger would keep forever.
The tiger was not a killer. The Elf knew this now. Even though no one else would ever believe her, she was content to keep the secret to herself. Throughout the years the tiger and the Elf kept meeting in secret. The tiger taught the Elf the secrets of her cave. She asked nothing in return but the friendship of the Elf.
Finally, after searching all her life for something that she had wanted so much, the tiger was content. She had a true friend. A true friend was all that she had wanted. She hadn't wanted to be a feared creature of death. She had just wanted a friend, and now that she had one, she was finally content and happy.

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