Thursday, February 26, 2009

Virginity Chapter 1

I'd never meant for things to turn out this way. Well, not that many people who have one night stands ever do. I'd wanted to wait until I was married, but I guess I decided that I couldn't wait. Or, that I didn't want to. Ya, that was more of it. I was tired of waiting for sex. What did it matter anyway, if I gave up my virginity. I was old enough to decide. So was Alex. But, maybe I should start from the beginning, where things started. I don't mean how we started having sex. I mean BEFORE that. Because, there's more to this story than me just seeming like a slut. Well, here goes.

It must have been my sophomore year in high school. Ya, that was it. I had a class with June. It was History, and it was our last class of the day. Oh, June was Alex's sister. Sometimes June and I would pass notes in that class, but not very often. She played Basketball, and I was the manager. That's how we knew each other. Jenna was also one of my friends. Okay, now you might be asking "Wait, hold on, who the heck is she? Where did she come from? What's she got to do with the story?" Well, her brother, Michel, happened to be dating June. And I started hearing things from Jenna. Things that were supposed to be secrets. June and Michel were having problems with their relationship. It had had its rough spots before. I knew that. June would spend all lunch period in the bathroom talking with Michel on her cell phone. Even though I didn't really know June that well, when she wasn't in her usual spot, it was weird. I knew they must be fighing that day or something.

But back to Jenna. She and I had started passing notes. In between classes, we would exchange them. And hers would contain the latest news on June and Michel. Because Michel was her brother and June was her friend, Jenna got stuck right in the middle. June and Michel eventually broke up for good.

Junior year came. June played Basketball again, and I was manager again. I don't remember much of that year, except that Jenna and a lot of my other friends graduated.

Then Senior year came. June started giving me rides to and from B-Ball practice. I started going to her house after school, just to hang out. We usually just watched TV and got something to eat. I rarely saw her brother, Alex. When I did, he seemed angry. Almost everytime I saw him he was. He seemed like he had anger problems. Then, Senior year was over, and Summer came. June and I stopped hanging out as often. And then, in November, I found out she was moving. We started hanging out again. As much as we could. Her brother was around more often too. It was weird. Sometimes he was home during the day. Usually he came home late from work. Since I was there a lot, I saw him more and more. I usually stayed late, into the AMs. I had no curfew. Sometimes we would play Rock Band, June and Alex and me. Then things started to get a little.....weird.

I texted June a lot. All of a sudden, June started texting that Alex said "hi". I would text back, telling him "hi" too. I was just trying to be polite. Frequently I would ask how he was, but again, just to be mostly be polite. When I went to June's house, he started talking to me. Just a little; we didn't maek that much conversation.

And then, June and her family finally moved. Alex went with them to help unpack, but he was later going to drive back and live here in town still. One night I was texting June. It was pretty late, in the AMs. All of a sudden, Alex started texting me. I didn't have his number in my phone, but he told me who it was. After that, we texted for over an hour. It may have even been two or three. June stopped texting me shortly after Alex started. I eventually asked him what had happened to her. I guess she'd fallen asleep, Alex had said. That's what I'd figured. Like I said, it was pretty late. Finally one of us said good night. June never woke up and texted me back, until the next afternoon, that is.

Then Alex and I started texting more frequently. He was...nice. He could be a good friend. The hard part was trying to find things to talk about. Of course, since we didn't know each other very well, we tried to make conversation by talking about some of our interests. Just whatever we could fine to talk about. Usually it was just "How are you?"'s and "What are you doing?"'s. Nothing special.

And then one day something snapped inside of me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twilighters Guide to Grieving Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “You HAVE to read this book!”
-I say: “No, you don’t. But it’d be better if you did and just got it over with.”
That’s what many Twilighters will say. “You HAVE to read this book it is like the BEST book EVER! Stephanie Meyer is the greatest writer to ever live! ”
Really, she isn’t. I admit Twilight is pretty good. But SMeyer is by far NOT the best author in the world.
So, how the heck do you deal with a world that is like this? I’ll tell you.

I don’t know.

Did that scare you for just a second? Did you think this was all just a trick by a mindless Twilighter? Think again. Don’t worry, I poke fun at Twilighters as well as Twihaters.
Back to the topic. What can you do when someone tells you all the time, at least once a day that you HAVE to read Twilight. The simple solution? Read the book.

Really, would it kill you to read just ONE book? And after you read it, if you hate it…..well then you’re still going to be bothered by people saying “How can you hate this book?! Edward is so sexy! He is perfect I want a boyfriend like him! Stephanie Meyer is the greatest author EVER!”

It’ll haunt you all of your life, whatever happens. Just get used to it. Read the friggin’ book, just once! Come back and tell me if you hate it, we can make fun of it together.

Alice Cullen: The Beginning Part 1

Alice Fanfic in progress!

I woke up in darkness. That wasn’t new, I was used to being in the dark. Wasn’t I? Suddenly I didn’t know anymore. I stood up, a single fluid motion that surprised me. I was fast. Had I always been this fast? I felt around me. I was inside a room. I looked to the white bed with the white sheets. They were clean and spotless, except….blood? The pillow that I had apparently been lying on was stained with splotches of blood. I felt my head with my hand next, but there was nothing. Weird. Then I figured out that I could see in the darkness, faintly. There was a door. I tried it, though I somehow knew it was locked. But the handle came off under my small hands. Wow. I was strong too. Was everyone strong and fast like me? Was there even anyone else? Was there anyone like me? Was I a freak? I crept out the door. My motions were fluent and silent. Good. I didn’t know what or who I was or where I was. Wait. What was my name? Maybe I had hit my head. Maybe I was in a hospital. But it didn’t look like a hospital. At least, I didn’t think so. All of a sudden, I heard a scream. I cringed against one of the cold stone walls. My eyes closed. I had to get out of here. Then I stopped. My eyes shot open. I saw a building. It was a small tavern or café or something of that sort. Then a man entered. He was gorgeous, except for his red eyes. They looked….unnatural. But then my vision shifted and I saw myself. I was sitting on a stool, but when the stranger entered, I immediately got up and greeted him. Then the vision faded. I could hear the tortured, agonized, screaming again. I had to get out of here. I ran through the halls of this dark place. I didn’t know where I was going. I just knew that I HAD to get out. Just them, I ran into a man who was walking down the same hall I was running. I shoved him out of the way, and he fell against one of the cold stone walls. Then, I saw a door ahead. I burst through it into an open space. It was dark, except for the big circles of light that moved on the ground and shined from above. I ran. I could see a fence ahead, but I didn’t care. One of the lights fell on me, and then I heard several sirens start. I still didn’t care. Before I could realize what I was doing, I was over the fence. I guess I had jumped. It didn’t matter. I was out of that place. I turned around to look. I didn’t know what kind of building it was, or who was inside, or what, all I knew was that I hated it, for some reason. But it didn’t matter. I would never go back. No one would ever make me go back. I ran down the empty sidewalks, tying to get as far away as I could. And to find the man in the café. Suddenly I stopped. A few feet away from me stood a small child. She looked lost and sad. Then I looked at my arms. They held the lifeless body of the child. A small trickle of blood seeped from her neck. She was dead. Had I done this? It looked like it. Why? Why had I done this? WHAT had I done, exactly? I set the child on the ground. I was a monster. I wondered what I looked like. I moved across the street to a shop that still had its lights on. I looked in the window. Oh. My eyes were red too, like that man I had seen in the café. And my face. Was pale. But….I could see splotches of red around my lips. Oh. Right. Must be the blood. I went back across the street to the girl. I opened one of her eyes. They were blue. Hm. So I really WAS a monster. Was I some demon sent from hell, to reap destruction? Was I going to kill everyone? Was that my purpose? To DESTROY? I remembered ripping the handle off the door, and pushing the man, the blood on the pillow……..the girl. I was supposed to destroy everyone and everything I could. No one could stop me. I was faster, and stronger, and probably smarter too. But if I was so smart, why didn’t I remember anything about myself? Then I remembered the café. The café! I didn’t hurt anyone there. Was I waiting for the right chance? Was I waiting for the beautiful man with red eyes? So that we could destroy together? And then, in the midst of my wonderings, I had another vision. There were five of them. They looked…….like me. Pale skin and icy eyes. Except……their eyes were gold. And they didn’t look scary, like I felt I looked. And there was a house, white on the outside, and on the inside…..One of the walls was made of glass. It was green all around outside, and the sky was cloudy. I had to get there. Now. But…..then. I saw myself, with the handsome stranger. We were holding hands and walking up to the house. We seemed…..friendly. Were we going to destroy this place and the kind looking people inside? I couldn’t be sure WHAT we were going to do. Or what I was going to do, I thought, as I came back to reality. I had to find the café. Wherever it was, wherever HE was, THAT was my future. Whatever that was.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Twilight "Guide to Grieving"-inspired by Meadow Cliffdiver

Title: The Non-Twilighters (aka those who have never read Twilight)’s
Guide to Grieving

How to cope when someone you know reads Twilight

Introduction: Now, you may be wondering why you’re reading this book. Actually, probably not. You’re here because your friend, spouse, coworker, parent, or whatever else has been lost to what I like to refer to as “Twilight Disease*”.
Twilight Disease is the fastest growing disease in the entire world, and quite possibly the universe. However, you’ve probably already seen that in your day to day life. Oh, you’ll know if you have. If you have never experienced Twilight Disease first hand, you will my friend. You WILL.
There comes a time in a person’s life when they must choose: To read Twilight, or not to read Twilight. THAT is the ultimate question.
Well, I’m here to help you, NOT talk about Twilight. Except I kind of am, because in order to help you with your problem, I have to tell you all about Twilight.
I can’t remember everything I was going to say, so I’ll bring it up later in the book when and if I remember. So here’s a shout out to The League of Extraordinary Twilighters!

*Twilight Disease: The act of falling in love with all things Twilight, then talking about Twilight non-stop and telling everyone you come in contact with to read Twilight. This is real people.