Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twilighters Guide to Grieving Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “You HAVE to read this book!”
-I say: “No, you don’t. But it’d be better if you did and just got it over with.”
That’s what many Twilighters will say. “You HAVE to read this book it is like the BEST book EVER! Stephanie Meyer is the greatest writer to ever live! ”
Really, she isn’t. I admit Twilight is pretty good. But SMeyer is by far NOT the best author in the world.
So, how the heck do you deal with a world that is like this? I’ll tell you.

I don’t know.

Did that scare you for just a second? Did you think this was all just a trick by a mindless Twilighter? Think again. Don’t worry, I poke fun at Twilighters as well as Twihaters.
Back to the topic. What can you do when someone tells you all the time, at least once a day that you HAVE to read Twilight. The simple solution? Read the book.

Really, would it kill you to read just ONE book? And after you read it, if you hate it…..well then you’re still going to be bothered by people saying “How can you hate this book?! Edward is so sexy! He is perfect I want a boyfriend like him! Stephanie Meyer is the greatest author EVER!”

It’ll haunt you all of your life, whatever happens. Just get used to it. Read the friggin’ book, just once! Come back and tell me if you hate it, we can make fun of it together.

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