Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellon Chapter 5

The tiger had been expecting the fall. She knew this cave very well. She had lived in it for years. This cave held many secrets which no one but her had ever found out. The warrior, though, was about to find out some of those secrets.
As Elf and tiger fell, the Elf felt a deep sense of fear. The plunge was so unexpected that the warrior could not even scream. She just kept falling, terrified as to what would happen. She had thought that the tiger would not harm her. Yet here she was, falling to what would surely be her death.
Suddenly she hit the bottom. The tiger landed not far away. The Elf was unharmed. She looked around her, still in shock after the fall, and at not being dead. She looked around. She had landed on something very soft. She looked to see what it was. It was grass. The grass was very tall, and it was the greenest grass she had ever seen. It also had a sweet smell to it.
Then the Elf realized that she could actually see. The rocks around her were glowing with a bluish hue. She had never seen anything like it before. This place she was in seemed magical, with the grass and the rocks. This place seemed almost sacred.
The tiger walked over to see that the Elf was alright, The Elf had forgotten her injuries for a moment as she marveled at this strange yet wonderful cave. She suddenly felt tired. Her cuts were beginning to hurt again. She felt the soft grass under her and how wonderful it was. She took one last look at the tiger, then she she could stay awake no longer.
When she awoke, she couldn't remember where she was. Then she sat up and looked around. It all came back to her in a flash. She looked around again for the tiger. She was nowhere to be seen. The Elf decided to have a look around. She stood up slowly, feeling a small amount of pain, but nothing that would hinder her. The pain had died down since the day before, and now the warrior felt ready for anything.
She took a look at her surroundings again. She decided that she would look at the strange rocks first. She walked over to the wall. It wasn't the rocks that glowed, but the wall itself. The warrior touched it. It felt cool, and it made her have a sense of great calm. The warrior felt at peace. She felt like nothing mattered and that she could just stay here forever.
She was suddenly thrown out of her thoughts by a noise from behind her. She turned around to see that it was only the tiger. She had returned with food for the Elf. It was a basket of apples which the tiger had actually stolen from some other Elves. She hadn't harmed them, of course, only scared them.
The Elf came over and took an apple gratefully. She ate, thankful for some food after not having eaten anything in hours. When she had finished, she looked to the tiger. The tiger gave her the same look that she had the night before. It was a look of longing, but the warrior could not figure out what it was that the tiger wanted.
The tiger moved her gaze and then came closer to the Elf. She watched the tiger's movement. The tiger circled around the warrior. Then the tiger laid down next to the Elf. She turned her head around and began to gently lick the warrior's hand. She did not understand right away, but when the tiger persisted, she finally got the hint. The tiger wanted to be petted. So, the Elf slowly stroked the tiger, who just laid still and seemed to finally be content.

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