Friday, May 29, 2009

A Special Dedication to Kaleb Nation and Maureen Johnson

I wrote this special song for you two, I hope you enjoy it!

Verse 1
You know the world is kind of like a trapeze
There are ups and downs and risks you have to take
But you know that things always seem to turn out okay
Even though we all have our failures and mistakes

Now this is a special song
Written just for you
For Kaleb Nation and Maureen Johnson
Good luck to you two

Verse 2

Well, Maureen has The Sight sometimes so she makes predictions
And she's the only one I know who has a Ghost in a Jar
Don't forget she's written several great books
At least you can take pride in knowing you got this far


Verse 3
Kaleb has a lot of BranFans though his book hasn't even come out yet
He's also sometimes better known (by fangirls) as “The Twilight Guy”
Do you know how many look up to you, and could you even count?
And Ninja Fanpire says (to the fans) pre-order The Farfield Curse that comes out on 9-9-09


Verse 4
NYC is the place to be today, to see death defying tricks done by amateurs
So put on a brave face you two, because you know we'll all be watching you
You've come too far to back out now, close your eyes and hang on for you lives
So let's give a circusly excited round of applause for this amazing duo!

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