Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Day Chat - A Twilight Fanfic

*Alice is busy preparing Bella for the wedding. She suddenly tries to stifle a giggle.*
Bella: “Alice, what are you thinking about?”
Alice: “Oh it’s nothing Bella.”
Bella: “Are you thinking about Jasper?”
Alice: “Oh nothing like that Bella.”
Bella: “Then wha-”
*Bella punches Alice in the arm.*
Bella: “Ow! Alice quit thinking what you’re thinking!”
Alice: “Stop moving Bella, and don’t get over excited! You’ll mess your hair up.”
Bella: “Then why don’t you think about that instead-”
Alice: “Jasper, can you come calm Bella down please?”
Bella: “Jasper, plan something to make Alice stop thinking what she’s thinking!”
Jasper: “Umm…. What ARE you thinking about Alice?”
Alice: “Nothing really Jasper.”
Bella: “Jasper, you can leave now. I’m okay”
Jasper: “You won’t be once I leave.”
Alice: “It’s okay Jasper. Bella and I should talk. Maybe that will help calm her down.”
*Jasper leaves.*
Bella: “Why Alice?”
Alice: “Sorry, it’s just nice to see you and Edward happy.”
Bella: “So you’re imagining us on our HONEYMOON?!”
Alice: “Edward has never been as happy as he is with you.”
Bella: “I can understand that.”
Alice: “It’s not easy for me to turn off my visions Bella, especially since I’m so intuned to both of you.”
Bella: “Isn’t there anything ELSE that you can see in our future?”
Alice: “Bella…..I know what you’re asking.”
Bella: “And?”
Alice: “And I don’t know. It’s changing all the time. Sometimes it’s Carlisle, and other times it’s not.”
Bella: “But never Edward.”
Alice: “No. Not Edward.”
Bella: “And what about you Alice? Don’t you ever see yourself? I know Rosalie won’t, and Emmett doesn’t want to upset her more. Jasper….well, Jasper and I would both be nervous if he tried. But you said Alice…..and you told the Volturi…..right? Don’t you ever decide that you’ll be the one?”
Alice: “Bella……I don’t want to upset you but…..I know that if I don’t tell you then you’ll worry about it. I have seen myself. I’ve seen you, and me, and Edward-”
Bella: “I don’t care if he’s going to be mad! It’s my choice!”
Alice: “That’s not….exactly what I see. You……I…….whenever I envision myself doing it……you…….don’t survive.”
*Awkward silent pause.*
Alice: “Bella, I love you just like a sister, and we’re going to be sisters for real, soon. I just……I don’t know if I’m strong enough. I want to be. I want to be for you Bella! But this is new to me. I’ve never done it before Bella. And I’m afraid. Afraid that………………that I’ll hurt you. That……that I’ll more than hurt you. That I’ll fail. And though Edward is strong, I think he has the same fears.”
Bella: “So…………you NEVER succeed?”
Alice: “No…not yet.”
Alice: “But Bella, don’t worry about that today! It’s your wedding day! Aren’t you excited? Edward is going to think you’re absolutely stunning! Not that he doesn’t already think that you’re beautiful. I mean, we all do-”
Bella: “Alice.”
Alice: “Yes Bella?”
Bella: “It’s okay Alice.”
Alice: “Thanks Bella .”
Bella: “Alice? I still love you. It’s okay. Sis.”
Alice: “I know Bella. Sis. I’ve never had a sister Bella. Well, not one that I remember, anyway.”
Bella: “I’ve never had one either Alice. It’s…..kind of nice. That still doesn't make me like shopping any more.”
Alice: “But we’re still going! And we can take my Porsche!”
Bella: “Alice-”
Alice: “Nope, no more talk Bella, unless it’s about the wedding! You need to smile! Think about Edward! Go to your happy place! Oh wait, that’s the same thing!”
*And Bella bears the rest of Alice’s fussing over her.*


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